The A/C store was going out of business

I was absolutely stunned when I found out the local air conditioning company was actually going out of business! You might wonder why that is so shocking, when there are different companies going out of businesses all of the time. Well, I am shocked for two reasons. One, I can understand to some degree why a lot of other companies might go out of business, usually because of lack of demand. But heating and A/C workers are never lacking in demand, in fact, I would say almost everyone needs a HVAC specialist in their life! But the second reason is because that local air conditioning company has been here in our area for decades! I remember my mother getting the A/C fixed when I was a kid by that same heating and A/C corporation. Now here I am as an adult, with my own kids, and I used to use their heating and air conditioning services all of the time! Now they are gone. I guess I should be used to seeing things like this disappear, since a lot of old items from my past have long since been gone. I guess with the A/C dealer being here for so long, I never would have guessed that they would eventually disappear too. I am sad to see them go, and since they are having a special on all of their products, I decided to go ahead and buy a smart thermostat as a memento for memory’s sake, just before they leave.


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