The tint on our vehicle windows looked genuinely good

I purchased a used vehicle from someone online plus I knew that the vehicle had a couple of complications; Most of the complications were cosmetic, however the vehicle needed a mirror, a door handle, a new sunroof, plus the tint looked horrible.

There were a couple of mechanical complications too, however I handled most of those things on our own, but i put new brakes plus struts on the vehicle plus I also changed out the more than three tires.

I couldn’t do anything about the window tint. It was one of the worst tint tasks that I have ever seen. The previous owner of the vehicle said that he went to a place at the fairgrounds to have the windows tinted. They were a peculiar shade of green or green plus there were tiny bubbles all over the place. I took our vehicle down to a guy that I guess that does residential window tinting. I purchased the tint for the vehicle windows online plus our neighbor installed the window tint for me… He didn’t charge me the same amount of currency that he would charge for a residential window tinting, however I gave him some currency plus some budweiser for his time. When he was done with the task, the window tint looked genuinely good. My vehicle is starting to run well plus it is starting to look nice too. I am saving up currency so I can get a paint task. There’s a lot of rust on the bottom of the vehicle plus I would love to have the vehicle painted a color that is particular plus individual.


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