HVAC system repair before the breakup

He checked the ductwork for leaks, but none, and then he fixed the equipment

I had lived in this house for about three months when I noticed how cold it felt, especially in my bedroom. Before moving into this house, I lived in a much smaller place. After breaking up with my partner, I moved cities and found this ample space at a fair price in a small quiet town. I love my house and have gradually added personal touches to it. I have an electric heat pump that I purchased a few years back. During the installation, the air conditioning professional told me the heating device would last eight more years if it received regular quality AC service. The one we had in the other house had done ten before it started misbehaving. It would, at times, emit cold air; sometimes, at night, it would make these unusual noises. Since I was rarely in the house, I did not notice how bad it had gotten. A day before the breakup, the furnace and the digital thermostat finally gave in. Things were rock, and neither of us was in the right frame of mind to call the air conditioning company. My partner eventually called the commercial air conditioning dealer and booked an appointment. The cooling expert was also to deliver a new AC filter. The HEPA filter was there for four months which was a month more than the usual time we replaced it. The air quality was still okay, but that was just a matter of time. The air conditioning technician arrived at three o’clock. I directed him to the a/c setup. He checked the ductwork for leaks, but none, and then he fixed the equipment. Immediately after the tech left, I was on my way out with my suitcases. I could not take it anymore.

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