Mending inside the HVAC cooling all summer

This has to have been the longest, toughest summer I’ve ever spent.

And I’ve spent some tough summer.

I spent one summer outside of any residential HVAC on a commercial fishing boat. That was beyond an insane experience. But it makes for a good story now. Yet, this summer was the worst ever because I was stuck inside the central air conditioning of my little house. I’ve been inside the HVAC cooling since May. And before that, I was in the hospital recovering from a couple of surgeries that were the result of the worst mountain bike crash I’ve ever experienced. I’ve spent all summer either inside the commercial HVAC of physical therapy or inside the air conditioning of my home. This is the house that I bought a few years ago just so I could stop paying rent. It was small with just two bedrooms, one of which was my office. But thankfully, I got some great quality heating and air in my home. That was the only thing that I really spent money on so far. I wanted the latest in residential HVAC with all the HVAC technology that went with that. The smart thermostat has really saved my bacon all summer. Due to my injuries and all the healing, I’m forever feeling either too much cooling or not enough cooling in my house. With the smart thermostat app on my phone, I can adjust the thermostat remotely which is a big plus. I know that I’ll get back to my old self but it may take some time. Until then, I’ll give thanks that at least I have great HVAC.

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