A new sunroom with ductless HVAC

I truly know I had no idea what my fiance was talking about when he told me that he thought a sunroom would add a good amount of value to our home.

  • This seemed a bit counter intuitive to me as we lived in the sun.

Since upgrading the Heating and Air Conditioning appliance in our outdated lake dwelling and selling it, we lived down south where the heat pump is totally king. And the plan of having a room that provided more sun wasn’t something that I was all that fantastic with. That goes double for September. This was when my fiance started talking about the new sunroom. At the time, I wasn’t really certain I was getting enough Heating and Air Conditioning cooling. But I was pretty certain that I was getting enough sun. For me, transitioning to these weather conditions was more challenging than I thought. I certainly appreciate the fact that the winter is when I can still play golf and tennis most afternoons. That’s awesome as I was becoming tired of the winter up north and how much I was trapped inside the Heating and Air Conditioning heating. Yet, the warm season down here can be intense and I find that I was spending too much time inside with the residential Heating and Air Conditioning pumping out the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling. Well, when I saw what my fiance was actually speaking about, I was astounded. It was essentially like this large open space with windows all the way around and a pair of ductless heat pumps for heating and cooling reasons. All of us got it built just before the holidays as it basically is prefabricated. The ductless heat pumps were pretty nice but the Summer would ultimately tell the tale. Well, it’s the fall season and the verdict is that the ductless heat pumps totally rock some Heating and Air Conditioning cooling as well.

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