Getting fit and spending time outside of the AC

It’s an odd world these mornings.

Who knew that the results of easily getting into health plus wellness would end up feeling so incredible? I mean, I guess in some ways, feeling better was easily the desired result when I chose my health over my appetites.

But getting more fit plus active in my fifties has been a crazy thing. Some mornings are good plus some aren’t. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to rest around inside the central air conditioning of my house. These mornings, I’m looking to get out of the residential Heating plus Air Conditioning more than I’m looking to be in it. I spend plenty of time inside the zone controlled Heating plus Air Conditioning of the office that I don’t need to add more. In fact, since I’m eating much healthier, I’m bringing my lunch regularly. And instead of eating in the break room or at my desk, I eat outside in an adjacent courtyard. That spot is quite lovely with high hedges plus these beautifully manicured trees. I love to pick out a locale based on the season. Since it’s been the warm season, when I venture outside of the Heating plus Air Conditioning cooling of the office, I’m looking for shade plus a breeze. But the best section of the year is just around the corner. And this is when I can venture out of the shade for some lovely sunshine on my dome. Yea, while I’m grateful to have a house with good quality heating plus air, I’m liking my time out of the central air conditioning as well.

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