I don’t know it’s going so well

I just don’t know that it’s going so well whenever our Dad moves in with us next week.

Dad has always been the kind of dude who prefers the a/c, then even when I was a child growing up, Dad would have the a/c settings set so low that all our friends plus I would freeze inside of our beachside house while in the summer.

They always used to joke about coming over to our beachside house while in the midst of summer time because they said that they would need to bring your Winter time coats in order to breathe the intense a/c inside of our house. My Dad has just always been that way for some reason. Dad always says that she is boiling blooded, but I don’t know if that is why. Anyway, Dad recently had to have some surgery plus she is going to stay with us while Dad recuperates for a couple of weeks. Unluckyly for me, the recuperation stage is while in the hottest area of the summer. I just don’t know if Dad and I are going to be able to handle it here because I know that she is going to want to turn the a/c down as far as it will go! All of us just can’t do that at our house. All of us usually keep the temperature settings around eighty degrees all year long. I don’t want our Dad to suppose uncomfortable, but I also don’t want the cooling bills to go through the roof. All of us are absolutely going to have to find some kind of a compromise if Dad is going to stay with us for more than one whole week.


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