This huge picture window heats up the room too much

The huge picture window in our wonderful front room easily makes the room heat up like mad in the mornings; Of course, this easily only happens while in the summer months but it’s pretty awful for us whenever the uneven temps outside are boiling plus it’s easily sunny.

It’s odd in the Winter months because that’s when Max and I would easily like to have a little bit of help heating up the wonderful room with its big vaulted ceilings. It’s so taxing to keep the room heated while in the winter months, but that’s nothing compared to the troubles that Max and I have in the summer time with the a/c. I guess that Max and I could leave the a/c running literally all the time while in the summer time plus it wouldn’t make 1 bit of difference in that room! The windows just make the heating from the sunshine suppose even hotter plus the location starts heating up before dinner, by more than one in the day. The whole room feels like the inside of a beachside house plus nobody even wants to go in there for any length of time. I mean, I can understand why because I personally don’t ever want to go in there either. It’s just too boiling in that room while in the summertime to even try plus deal with it. The fact that Max and I are paying so much for a/c plus Max and I are not easily getting anything out of it is concerning, but I’m hoping that Max and I will be able to find something to help out with the problem. I’m calling the Heating plus A/C company tomorrow to book an appointment.


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