My dad’s dog really loves the air conditioning

During the summer, you will never be able to find my dad’s dog anywhere besides right next to the air conditioning.

  • This dog is one of the weirdest animals that you will ever meet.

I used to tell my dad that he was spoiling the dog too much, but that never helped anything so I just gave up. He really does spoil the dog, and sometimes I think that the dog believes that he is a human instead of an animal. I have to admit that it annoys me when my dad calls the dog my furry brother. I just think that that goes a little bit too far. I understand that my dad loves his dog, but that is just ridiculous. Anyway, this dog is completely spoiled and during the summer he won’t go anywhere that there isn’t air conditioning. He likes to ride with the windows down in the car, but he also wants to have the air conditioning blowing in his face while he’s in the car too. He loves to sniff the air that comes through the air vents. Whenever he is home at my dad’s house, the first place that he goes is to flop down next to the air conditioning vent in the kitchen floor. It’s his favorite place to go, and he just about refuses to go outside because he just wants to lay by the air conditioning all summer long. I have never met a dog like this before in my life. All the other dogs I know like to go outside and go for walks, but this dog just wants to stay inside in the central air conditioning.


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