I couldn’t figure out the A/C unit at the hotel

I couldn’t figure out the A/C in the hotel room where we stayed when we were out of town for a working vacation last week.

The air conditioning system just wouldn’t work at this hotel that I was staying in, and we had to stay there for an entire week.

This place had some kind of an eco-friendly air conditioning system installed in it and it was the worst thing ever, in my opinion. Whenever I stay at a hotel for work or for any other reason, I thoroughly expect for the place to have really great indoor air quality. One of the reasons that I like staying in hotels to begin with is because I can always set the temperature on the air conditioning system as low as I want it. I love being able to keep the room freezing cold while I am staying at a hotel. Since the heating and cooling costs are worked into the cost of the hotel room, I don’t have to worry about having to pay a separate HVAC bill the way that I do at home. I love sleeping in the cold with warm fuzzy blankets to cover me up, but at home I don’t like having to pay for the cooling costs. I never turn the A/C down at home the way I do when I’m staying in a hotel. Last week, though, the eco-friendly air conditioning was just terrible. It turned off after a few hours and I would wake up sweating in the middle of the night! It was terrible.


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