A lot of people think that money makes you happy

A lot of people seem to think that money is the only thing that makes you happy but that’s just not true.

I work as an HVAC contractor, and while that is a well paying job and I like it, I am happy just because I choose to be content.

I know that not everyone feels like they can do that, but I’m happy that I can. I know that There are a lot of different things that make different people happy and money just isn’t one of them for me. I have been working as an HVAC contractor at a local heating and cooling company here in town for the past 15 years now. It’s not the greatest paying job in the world, but it pays the bills and I have been able to raise my family with the money that I make. First of all, I really enjoy my job as an HVAC technician and I like just about all of the people that I meet through my job. Meeting people and getting to work with people that you like is really a great thing and I think that it’s something to be happy about. I think that people who don’t like their jobs are much more likely to be sad and depressed than the ones of us who do. As I always say, money is not what makes you happy. You have to have the right frame of mind in order to be content in life. Otherwise, I don’t know that I would have ever been happy being an HVAC technician. I think that I might have wanted to become the president or something. However, being an HVAC technician at this point in life is perfectly fine with me!

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