I won a free installation at the heat and AC products award

My goal was the price and that was also my focus.

I believe in the saying, everything works out in the end, because it sort of came true for me this fall. I had issues with my boiler for a long time. I remember this cold evening, I had the flu and had such a long day at work dealing with all sorts of customers. All I wanted was to rest in my warm house. On this day, the heater decided it would mess my evening up. It broke down and even when I used the wireless thermostat, it still would not come on. The next morning, the system just restarted on its own. This is the kind of life I had led for the past three weeks. When the heater maintenance was done, the HVAC techs had told me that the furnace was quite old and the furnace filters were so dirty that no air went through them. The quality of heating had drastically decreased. I would sometimes use my portable furnace when the system broke down. The heating dealership was running a competition in town. The competition was to see who would last the longest while holding onto a new electric heating system. The grand prize was free furnace/heater installation for the heat and AC products that we were holding onto. I was determined to win this competition since I had not budgeted for a new system and I direly needed it since the heating repair had not done much to regain my indoor comfort. My goal was the price and that was also my focus. I held onto that system until I was the last man standing. In the end, I won myself the most common unit in the heating industry, the heated floor system. The HVAC service plan was simple since the system needs little to no maintenance.


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