Onboarding the HVAC recruits

Days filled with confusion were right ahead.

Recruits were coming in, and their confusion continued for the first few days.

Some of f my colleagues relished this day. I could remember my first days, but not all were pleasant. We were meeting the recruits, and my responsibility was to onboard them. I always enjoyed onboarding recruits because it was a chance to get a fresh perspective and think about how we run our operations and work with the HVAC units systems. Three individuals were going on to be HVAC repairman. The company is known for manufacturing quality HVAC systems and offering excellent help with indoor comfort for our customers. Recruits are always excited to start working in a company with a strong reputation, as was our HVAC business. The onboarding process involves familiarizing the recruits with the old and new HVAC equipment and taking them through the different approaches to undertake when working on these HVAC systems. I also assign them to experienced HVAC professionals who honed their skills in HVAC installation and maintenance, which are the pillars of handling any HVAC brand. In this group of recruits, one particular lady seemed very interested in the processes. She asked a lot of questions surrounding the new HVAC technology on different systems as well as thermostats. She caught my eye. She reminded me of myself when I was starting. We finished the day by going to various HVAC provider stores for first-hand experience interacting with customers. Though it was a long day, I always feel fulfilled when I impart my knowledge to young people.

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