How I met my girlfriend the HVAC professional

My girlfriend, Beatrice, and I had been dating for over seven months, and everything was going great.

  • I still remember the first time we met.

I was at a restaurant enjoying their dinner as I read my novel. Beatrice was there to have dinner with a friend, but she stood up. That evening we ended up having dinner at the same table as we chatted away. Beatrice worked as an HVAC professional in one of the HVAC businesses. She worked at the factory. Although we worked in the same field, I was only starting my career as an HVAC repairman. I worked with a local HVAC brand and loved it. Beatrice’s role was more advanced; she supervised workers at the factory, where they assembled new HVAC equipment using new HVAC technology. It excited me. She saw the interest on my face and offered a tour of the factory for the next day. I couldn’t sleep like a child excited about a field trip that night. I thought about all the excellent quality HVAC systems I would see at the factory. I also looked forward to seeing the new voice-activated thermostat causing waves in the market. The following morning after my HVAC provider duties, I installed an HVAC at one of the residential homes. The older man was delighted that I got to help with indoor comfort; now, he could sleep warmly through the night. After working on my last HVAC maintenance day, I left to go to the factory. The tour at the HVAC factory was one to be remembered. I got to see how different HVAC units are assembled, which gave me a better understanding of how these systems work.
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