The hard knock of life that did not spare even the HVAC repairman

At some point in life, I worked for a high-end HVAC business.

  • My role was in the factory, where he helped manufacture HVAC units for the most common HVAC brand in the industry.

I had worked there for almost ten years before the company shut down due to bankruptcy. When I lost my job, I got into alcohol and drugs. Anything was fine by me as long as it got me high. I was in this abyss of darkness for three years, every year worse than the last. It took a near-death experience by one of my friends to realize how precious life was, and I had no right to live my life like I was. After three months in rehab, I got a job as a doorman at a great building. I would chat with Lucious, a tenant, and tell him about my experiences as an HVAC repairman. He was always interested in everything quality HVAC systems as he had worked in that industry for three years before he landed a corporate job. He consistently inquired about the new HVAC technology as he was very interested in getting quality help with indoor comfort for his young family. One time, he met me at the door very excitedly. He told me about the new HVAC equipment he had just purchased for his home. The HVAC provider had given him a discount on the HVAC installation. Lucious had also upgraded his thermostat to a wifi one. I kept hoping that I would be an HVAC professional once more because of my years working at the HVAC firm. He asked me to do all the HVAC maintenance to earn extra money, and I took him up on the offer. I am three years sober and back to my old profession.

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