My first job as an HVAC repairman

When I graduated from school, I looked for a job for almost a year.

Just when I started losing hope of getting a job, I got a return call from one of the most talked-about HVAC brands asking me back for a final interview.

I could not hold my excitement. I called every one of my family members, and we all celebrated later that day. Dad had gifted me this thermostat-looking keyholder to encourage me to follow my dreams. On my first day on the job, I met my colleagues, who were great HVAC professionals with high-quality skills in all HVAC units. These professionals had worked on some of the most complicated systems in the industry. I was to shadow a senior HVAC repairman for a few months as I got to learn more about the units and especially the new HVAC equipment. I would accompany my boss to HVAC installations and other HVAC maintenance processes. It seemed that every other day there was an invention of new HVAC technology. In the beginning, it was challenging to keep up with all the new creations, but after I interacted with numerous quality HVACs. I eventually got the hang of it. After the shadowing, I went to work at one of the HVAC business stores around the country. My first position in the company was as an HVAC provider, and I loved it. I got to interact with many customers, and through it, I learned how to handle all sorts of customers, including irate ones. Most customers came searching for suitable HVAC systems to help with indoor comfort at their homes, schools, or offices. I worked at the store for three years and had the best time.

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