An HVAC call that saved a life

I had a tough day, and the last home I went to did not help matters.

I knocked on the door several times without a response, so I decided to leave.

I could not understand how a homeowner could call an HVAC provider for HVAC maintenance and then insist on a specific time, but when the HVAC repairman showed up at the agreed time, no one was at home. When I got to the house, I remembered us doing the HVAC installation of the new HVAC unit. The homeowner had chosen a quality HVAC with new HVAC technology to help with indoor comfort. The latest HVAC equipment was from one of the most popular HVAC brands. The HVAC professional overseeing the whole process was keen to ensure that the HVAC was in order. It was frustrating, to say the least since the next home I was going to for a thermostat repair was across time. Before I turned to leave, I heard someone sobbing. I got a feeling that something was wrong. I put down my tools and checked if the back door was open. Luckily it was. I went in to check if the child was okay, only to find her trying to wake up her mother lying on the floor. I immediately called the emergency number, but since her pulse was so weak, I decided to put her and her daughter in the HVAC business truck and meet the paramedics on the way. A neighbor who saw me struggling to get her in the vehicle came to my aid and rode with us. I explained everything that had happened to her, and when we spotted the ambulance, the neighbor accompanied them to the hospital and assured me she would call to update me on any developments.
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