Locked in a washroom with no HVAC

I banged the door and slammed my body against it, but it did not budge.

I didn’t have my phone with me, and I was starting to think that the washroom was soundproof because nobody had come to my rescue despite my calling for help several times.

I was in the office bathroom for what felt like hours. I hadn’t noticed before because I only spent a few minutes there, but it was hot inside, and I was sweating. It was like the HVAC unit did not service the restroom. It was close to two hours when someone finally needed to use the bathroom, and they could open it from outside. According to the tag on her shirt, I met a lady who was an HVAC professional. On close inspection, I realized she was the same HVAC repairman who had done my HVAC maintenance about a month ago. She works for the local HVAC provider. I told her about the HVAC situation in the bathroom, and she told me they were working on the new HVAC equipment. I was surprised since I thought the building ran on quality HVAC, but even those need replacing at some point. The HVAC system would use the new HVAC technology to help with indoor comfort. The HVAC installation was going to take a whole day. The ceiling fans were helping to cool the office, but it was not enough, but a day was a small price to pay for enjoying the a/c for many years to come. The thermostat had already started giving false readings, and it was about time for the HVAC business to act on it. The rest of the afternoon at work dragged along; the heat must have had something to do with it.

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