The HVAC professional who was also our landlady

Everything about the quaint cottage was excellent.

  • The location was beautiful and had only three more similar places nearby.

I also ensured that the HVAC unit was in good condition. I called the person in charge to learn more about their HVAC installation. The lady I talked to was amiable and answered all my questions concerning what they had listed as a quality HVAC on their listing online. She told me that all four cottages had new HVAC equipment, each with a programmable thermostat that the guest could reset according to their preferences to help with indoor comfort. The system used new HVAC technology, and the guests were guaranteed a pleasant experience. When I was satisfied with the answers, I confirmed my booking. When we got there, everything was just as the pictures portrayed. During our stay, I conversed with the lady I had talked to on the phone. She was a delight to be around. When the kids were out surfing, she offered me a cold drink and told me about her days as an HVAC professional. She used to work for a local HVAC provider and had encountered most HVAC brands in the HVAC business. She also told me she still had her tools and usually took care of the HVAC maintenance most of the time, but he called an HVAC repairman every once in a while just in case she had missed something with the HVAC. We ended up becoming such good friends that we kept in touch long after our vacation was over. I had given her an open invitation to my home when she visited the city.

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