A day at the HVAC expo

It was that time of the year again.

Every year HVAC businesses around the country hold expos to showcase the different HVAC brands in the market. A lot of people and experts in the HVAC industry attend the expo. It is a chance to get to know the best brand in the market and purchase your favorite HVAC unit at affordable prices. My company sends a few HVAC professionals each year to showcase our company, what we do, and the new HVAC equipment in our inventory. This year, I decided to accompany my colleagues to the expo. We mainly focused on the latest HVAC technology in the market within the past five years. We brought some popular equipment and accessories like the wifi thermostat. It had been such a rainy week, but the sun was warmly shining on the expo day, which made the day even better. I got a chance to interact with different customers. I even had an opportunity to sell some of the quality HVAC systems in our inventory. One lady came to our stand and inquired how she could get help with indoor comfort as she had no clue which unit was the most suitable for her home. As an HVAC provider, I guided her on the best system for her home. I even assigned one of my HVAC repairman to handle the HVAC installation and help her schedule the necessary HVAC maintenance for the future since she was within our service area. The expos are fabulous because we get to have more customers who come by the booth. That day we managed to sell quite a lot and gained even more customers.

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