Loving the HVAC unit at the school library

I love reading, and because of this, I am a constant figure at the school library.

The HVAC unit at the library had broken down, and it was uncomfortably cold. It had been a week without them fixing the issue. We had complained to the teachers, but they had not done anything so far. I had overheard a couple of teachers talking about how the management could not get a hold of any HVAC repairman to sort out the issues with the HVAC system. It was peak time for the HVAC businesses, and to get an available HVAC professional, one had to wait for three days to up to a week. At the end of the week, I saw a truck pulled up at the school. The car was from the most common HVAC brands in the state, and they had come to help with indoor comfort. I was working on an assignment in the adjacent room, which we used as an art room to paint. The technicians first examined the thermostat before moving to the primary system. They brought out what looked like complex tools to handle the HVAC maintenance. However, after reviewing it, they concluded that the school needed new HVAC equipment. The local HVAC provider delivered a quality HVAC system, and the HVAC installation began. The system had sophisticated new HVAC technology that could help with indoor comfort. It felt better than it had all my years in that school. It had always been a little chilly, and I always attributed it to its proximity to the trees. Still, with this new system, I was proved wrong. It was now warm and cozy.


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