Change of venue due to a HVAC unit failure

Being the most creative perks also lands you with more to do than anyone else where things like parties are concerned.

So far, I have planned three baby showers.

The last one, however, presented a different challenge. It was during the cold season, so we held it at my house. The night before the party, my HVAC unit shut down. I tried switching it on from the thermostat, but I couldn’t get it to start. During the last HVAC maintenance, the HVAC repairman advised me to buy new HVAC equipment. I took it seriously since I also wanted a quality HVAC with new HVAC technology, but it was just the previous month, and I thought I had more time. I had started looking at different HVAC brands to see which one would suit my home, and I had even chosen the HVAC business that would be in charge of the HVAC installation, but with the predicament, I did not know what to do. I called one of my sisters who lives closest to me and told her what had happened. She offered her place as the venue for the baby shower. On a typical day, the first thing I would have done in the morning would be to call the HVAC provider so that an HVAC professional would come to my house and fix the HVAC system and help with indoor comfort. But that would be fruitless since I knew even with a quick fix, it would only last me at most a fortnight, and then I would be calling them again. Instead, I called them but only to schedule a consultation meeting to come up with the best gadget for me and to find out the size of the unit and the cost of the installation process.

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