Family taking care of uthe HVAC system at our parents' house

The COVID times were crazy, and we all did everything we could to stay positive and keep in contact with family and friends.

On this particular day, a WhatsApp message informed the group members that there would be an online meeting in the evening. I already knew what we were going to discuss in the session. The one sure thing that was missing from the discussion was not an option. But we kept going back and forth, and we never came to any conclusion. When our parents said they wanted to start a bed and breakfast place once everything went back to normalcy or as close as possible, the meeting took a turn. It took us all by surprise, but if that meant they would not sell the house, we were all on board. They told us everything they planned to do to make the necessary changes. They had everything in the place covered from the HVAC installation. The current HVAC unit was old, and they needed to upgrade it. It was good that one of my brothers, an HVAC professional, had replaced the old thermostat with a smart one in the past year. The meeting changed from trying to convince our parents not to sell our childhood home to discussing HVAC brands. My father had insisted that Brad, my brother, take care of installing the new HVAC equipment, but since he lives far from them, he advised them to call the local HVAC provider to establish the quality HVAC. He asked them to ensure that the HVAC had new HVAC technology to help with indoor comfort. Brad promised them they would not need to contact the HVAC business for HVAC maintenance. He would be their HVAC repairman whenever possible.


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