Our hotel room's HVAC almost ruined our vacation

During the Christmas holidays, my wife Kendra and I decided to go to the coast for our vacation.

  • I booked a hotel room for us in one of the best hotels.

My wife was very excited to spend quality time with me since the children were with their grandparents. It has been a long time since we spent together without the children. After we had settled in our hotel room, I discovered that the thermostat could not regulate the temperature properly. I informed the management, and they promised they would solve the problem by the end of the day. They immediately called in the HVAC maintenance. The temperatures there are usually high, and it would be unfavorable for us to be in a hotel room without good air conditioning. The HVAC repairman came to check on it, and he informed us that it was damaged and hence they were going to install a new one to help with indoor comfort. The HVAC professional also visited our room to confirm the technician’s feedback. I asked the management to assign us a new space, but the only available rooms did not have the same amenities as the one we had. The manager assured us he would visit a nearby HVAC business to purchase new HVAC equipment. Later in the day, they called in the technician for the HVAC installation, and with the help of the HVAC provider, they installed it. I noticed that the HVAC they installed was unfamiliar, so I decided to research it. I realized it was the new HVAC technology, and there were many different HVAC brands; some were quality HVAC while others were not. In the evening, the manager apologized for the inconvenience and confirmed that the new HVAC unit was working perfectly.


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