The vehicle was alright, however the AC didn't work again

My best friend plus I were on our way lake house from a track meet. The people I was with and I were listening to CDs that I had in a box on the floor of our car… Jack reached for a CD plus I swerved to hit a deer. Everything happened entirely hastily. Jack ended up getting hurt in the accident plus the people I was with and I had to go to the emergency room. My vehicle drove just fine other than some pieces of the fender plus the tailpipe that were hanging by a thread. When Jack plus I arrived at the hospital, he had to go in alone because of the covid protocol. I stayed outside in the vehicle waiting for our friend to text me with an replace. It was pretty sizzling outside so I decided to rest in the vehicle with the AC running. When I turned on the AC, I got nothing. There was no cold air plus there was not any Air at all coming from the fan. I knew that was a problem for the air conditioning. I am ecstatic our vehicle was running, however the problem with the air conditioning ended up being just the tip of the iceberg. The repairs under the hood were much more significant than I realized. After I got lake house plus the vehicle sat for a few hours, oil started pouring out from under the hood. My vehicle never ran again after that night. I thought that the vehicle was going to be okay, however the insurance corporation totaled it out plus I ended up having to buy a weird style of vehicle after the accident.


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