The kids needed more than just food

My daughter got pregnant at 17 and my husband and I were very unhappy. We made her stop seeing the boy and it drove her out of the house. Eventually she ran away and married the boy that we did not approve of. She also had a grandchild that we didn’t get to see. We wanted to make things right, and I knew that meant I would have to reach out to her. When my husband and I finally got invited to their house, I asked my daughter if she needed anything at all. I wanted to bring her a housewarming present. She told me that they were low on food so my husband and I stopped at the grocery store to buy some items. We got milk, bread, and eggs. We got cheese, cereal, and some pastries. We also bought some items for the baby. Our grandson looked exactly like our daughter did when she was that age and it made my husband cry. We spent a lot of time at the house getting to know our new grandson and our new son-in-law. The temperature inside of the house was very cold and I noticed that the kids were bundled up and my daughter and her boyfriend were both wearing sweatshirts. I asked them if they had heat in the house and my daughter laughed and said of course. My husband decided to get up and start snooping around while I was talking to my daughter. He realized that the heater was not working. The kids didn’t want us to know that the heater wasn’t working, but it was easy to see there was a problem when the temperature on the thermostat was only 58° and the furnace wasn’t running.

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