A unique idea for our anniversary

My hubby had this great idea for our 25th year birthday.

He wants to drive to the middle of the country and spend a few evenings inside a cave! At first, this sounds like an amazing idea and I was completely on board.

I looked at a few of these places and they are incredible and filled with all the modern amenities that you would find in any costly hotel, but some even have extra perks that are world-class. After I looked at some of the reviews, it sounds like these caves offer cool experiences, which is what my hubby is aiming for. Well, my only problem was the temperature inside these caves. After checking around, I didn’t see any mention about how the cave room was heated or cooled. I did read on one website where the management stated that in the middle of the summer, the caves are typically cool. In addition, the management stated that they will supply portable air coolers and fans, in the summertime and area furnaces in the winter if needed, and our anniversary is in July which of course is one of the hottest months. I must admit that I am a bit concerned about the temperature inside the cave. I don’t know how air coolers work, however I have used a fan before and it does not give the same comfort as an A/C. In fact, depending on the fan, the motor can create more heat inside a room. I am hoping that A/C doesn’t become an issue because I am actually excited about sleeping in a cave for our anniversary.


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