Helping a Friend Move Today for a Free Lunch

I am going to help my friend move into his new place today.

He doesn’t have any climate control equipment in his current house and summer is coming so he wants to move into a place that has good air conditioning for the heat that is coming our way.

I also need to book a flight soon to head back to my home overseas because I’ve been gone from there for over a month and need to get back to my life there. A lot of places in my town over there don’t have air conditioning and I have no idea how the people are able to live like that. Some of the flats don’t even have fans so at night it is just hot and humid stagnant air in their flats which would be unbearable for me. I like to have ice cold air conditioning in the summer and warm heat throughout the whole flat in the winter. Maybe we are a bit spoiled here in the US but oh well, sometimes it’s nice to be spoiled. I am going to have to help my friend move for most of the day today and it is getting hot already, so I hope we can be in the shade a lot while moving things or I am going to need a break in an air conditioned room for a while. I think his new house is about a mile from the old one so we should be able to move everything pretty quickly. I want to make sure he has the A/C running in the new place while we move stuff in.


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