I can’t wait to see my power bill after new HVAC unit

We are getting a new air conditioning plan put in next week and are pretty enthusiastic about it.

This is crucial news because I have an old HVAC plan and it hasn’t worked genuinely well for a long time.

I don’t know how much cash we’ve sunk into the thing over the past 5 years but it entirely was enough to pay for a new system. We can’t put any more bandaids on it because it just isn’t worth it, so this week I am going to have the local contractor come and put in a whole new central heat plus air unit. They told us it is the most efficient one on the market and will lower our power bills by about 50%. I can’t wait to see my next power bill once it is installed because my power bills have been way too high for a long time plus it is painful to pay them each week. The air conditioning compressor is an inverter type, which I easily know nothing about, however it is supposed to use a lot less energy than the one I have in there now. I think our component is about 17 years old, which is old for HVAC systems, and its efficiency has been getting lower each year. I’m sure it is not only old, however it is entirely easily dirty too, which also lowers the efficiency of the cooling plus heating processes. We are going to finance the new HVAC component so that I don’t take such a hit trying to pay for it all at once.
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