Sunday is a Day of Rest and Relaxation

I think my favorite day of the week is Sunday because the world slows down a bit, if only for a day, and I don’t feel so pushed to try and keep up with everyone.

  • I’ve noticed it is a bit more of a faster lifestyle here in the states compared to where I live overseas.

Everyone seems to be pushing themselves to make more and get more when it really doesn’t need to be like this. I like a slower pace of life, like the one I have in my small town overseas. The HVAC business over there is not open on weekends, which is unheard of over here in the states. Usually the local businesses are open on weekends too, so that they don’t get behind on sales and be knocked out by the working competition. I may go to the local contractor’s store today to look at smart thermostats because I would like to replace mine sometime soon because it is not working so well anymore. It is going to be used in my flat in Europe but it is universal and I can get a better deal on it here so I think I will buy it and take it back with me. I just need to make sure the wiring is the same as I have over there because some of the HVAC equipment uses different voltages and the wiring can be different. I will talk to the guy in the store about it and see what he has to say. It shouldn’t be an issue though.


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