A filthy AC filter

The garage down the street was under renovation, plus a boutique would be in its site.

The woman who owned the corporation had moved to a different area of the country, or so I heard! I toil for a commercial air conditioner repair business, so the realtor for the aged garage called asking for quality AC service.

The realtor needed to hire an air conditioner specialist to toil on the shop’s heating plus cooling system, but being the only cooling expert who was not booked, I went to the shop. The air conditioning system set up in the shop was tested on plus maintenance. I carried all the necessary tools because I knew I had a lot of work. when I arrived, the Heating, Ventilation & A/C system was in disarray, just as I had anticipated. It was quite clear from the digital control unit that the air conditioning system was off, and still, it must have been turned on for a while, even after the shop was closed before they switched it off. I have worked for the air conditioner business for many years, however the state of the AC filter was not legitimately common. It had layers of grime plus filth. It must have been the same filter used by the previous owners before they closed down the shop. Surprisingly, the electric heat pump did not have multiple technical problems, but after the deep cleaning, which seemed to be the main thing because I took most of the time cleaning, including the HVAC ducts, the unit was as great as new. The air quality was back to its former glory now that I had installed a HEPA air filter. I hoped that the new owners would take better care of the unit plus call the air conditioner pro whenever they noticed something was amiss so that it would serve them better.



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