A new addition to the HVAC system

We had just moved into a charming and lush neighborhood with lovely neighbors.

The house was huge with five bedrooms.

The first night our next-door neighbor brought us some delicious pies. All the neighbors were very friendly to us, and the children also got along with the neighborhood children. The house had a functional electric heat pump when we first moved in. The realtor mentioned that the installation was six years ago. She also showed us a sheet indicating the quality AC service, repairs, and maintenance that the a/c setup had gone through in the last six years. A few weeks into the house, we noticed that the boiler was not as efficient as we had thought because of the house size. The rooms upstairs always seemed slightly colder than the rest of the house. We sort advice from the air conditioning company downtown on ways to eliminate those issues. The cooling expert told us about heated floors. The outdated dial regulator also had to go, and in its place, a digital thermostat. The commercial air conditioning provider said they were selling some of the equipment at a discounted rate since it was black November. We also got a HEPA filter since the AC filter was long due for replacement, which negatively affected the air quality. After the installation, the air conditioning technician shared some energy-saving tips to help keep my energy bills low with new changes to the HVAC system. The air conditioning professional also cleaned the ductwork, which was something that we had not done in the last five years. Things would be better from then henceforth.


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