A final push for a new a/c setup

We own a vacation house which we only visit once or twice a year when time allows.

My husband and I decided to rent it to tourists who visit the coast.

The last time we were there, the digital thermostat begged for a replacement, the readings were inaccurate, plus it had seen better days. We could not have it repaired before leaving because we had limited time. Since I work remotely, I was the one to get it fixed and ensure the house was in a good state before we listed it as a rental. On arrival, I contacted the air conditioning company. They sent an air conditioning professional who advised me to consider buying a new HVAC system because the one we had was in a bad state due to neglect. None of us had taken quality AC service seriously. When I informed my husband, he was hesitant, but the air conditioning technician told him that an electric heat pump with the latest cooling technology was the only way to go. When he was on board with the idea, the cooling expert and I discussed various heat and AC products. I had no idea that the commercial air conditioning industry had so much to offer. I had no idea we had a variety of AC filters, and I found out from the tech that there was one called a HEPA filter that used terrific technology when it came to trapping particles and works wonders on air quality. We chose a day for the a/c setup. We were also relieved to learn that the old ductwork was still in good condition, and we would not have to incur a cost when it came to it.


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