When to contact the air conditioning company

Carl and I were enjoying G & T on his front deck when we saw the commercial air conditioning truck. He had told me he was expecting someone, but I never thought it was someone from the air conditioning company. Before the cooling expert parked and left the car, I asked Carl if his state-of-the-art HVAC system had a problem because I assumed the guy was there for repair. He told me that his electric heat pump was okay, but it was due to quality AC service and maintenance. I was shocked because I only called the air conditioning professional when ordering a new AC filter or if the a/c had an issue. The ductwork in my house had cleaning once in the eight years I have lived there. I also took care of the duct sealing because why call a professional when you can buy duct tape? It is what I kept telling myself, but I knew the lack of professional input would cost me a lot more. Heaven knows the number of DIY fixes I had performed on my a/c setup. I had also mistakenly assumed the air conditioning technician was a man, but the person who left the truck was a lady. Carl also had an impressive digital thermostat that she could control from her phone because it was WI-FI enabled. Carl was always in the know about the heating industry and told me why he switched to a HEPA filter and its impact on air quality. When the tech finished, we offered her a drink, but she declined because she had a long day of work ahead of her, but she accepted a slice of pizza.

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