My little cooling expert

I was preparing for a slumber party for my daughter plus her friends.

The afternoon before the party, my daughter Ziva told me that she would wear her up-to-date pajama set, plus since it was not as sizzling as the others, Ziva wanted to guess how both of us would keep the house sizzling enough for her friends plus her.

I assured Ziva that everything would be okay. All of us had to reset the digital temperature control to her precise settings. This answer opened an up-to-date forum for questions about our Heating plus A/C system. I told Ziva a simplified version of how our electric heat pump worked. The Q&A session reminded me that I had to call the air conditioner dealer to deliver an AC filter. The cooling system checkup was a few months overdue, so I included quality AC repair when I reached the air conditioner tech. The air conditioner specialist arrived late afternoon when my daughter was getting house from university… Ziva was so excited that she followed the cooling expert to the unit. At first, I stopped Ziva because I thought she would be more of a distraction to him, but he stopped me plus told me to allow Ziva to stick around. She was even more excited when he called her his assistant. The tech thoroughly checked, cleaned, then lubricated the odd parts of the cooling system setup, including the HVAC duct! During dinner, Ziva spent the entire time telling her father about everything the tech did plus everything he had told her about the HEPA filter. Ziva was anticipating his next visit so she could ask him about how to improve air quality plus about the commercial air conditioner method like the one they had at university.

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