How I landed a great new job as an air conditioner specialist

I handled all the maintenance myself.

  • I remember a time when I was in a dark place mentally, I barely left my home for almost 3 months, but with the help of my parents plus a friend, I crawled out of it.

I started out by trying a few things with the Heating plus A/C to improve air quality plus to keep me busy. I had created a cooling system care program for my parents plus our neighbor, who occasionally let me task on his home Heating plus A/C method for a small fee. I checked the AC filter plus found it needed updated because it was filthy. I advocated a HEPA filter because one of them had a dust dust sensitivity. When I moved back to my old home, I used some of my time to learn about commercial air conditioner, plus I found it quite simple to understand things such as repairs plus anything to do with digital temperature controls. I did not explore it further. I used this knowledge to task on my parents’ home cooling system setup. At some point, I had to call an air conditioner tech for HVAC duct cleaning because I did not have the tools for it. The cooling expert was impressed by the repair work I had done plus asked if I had ever worked in an air conditioner dealer. I told him I had never before worked for one plus had gathered the knowledge online because I had a lot of time on my hands. From how the air conditioner professional worked on the electric heat pump, I could tell he offered nothing short of the highest quality AC service. The best thing that came out of this was that the tech showed me a slot as an apprentice, which would not be more than a month or 2 since I had an eye for it, plus then after, they would offer me a job.


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