Inspecting my florist's Heating plus A/C methods

I enjoy always having a large bouquet of fresh flowers in the house, so I always pass by my number one flower store once a week or so.

The florist has become a great friend of mine plus always has lovely flower combinations for me on my pick-ups.

I used to pick out the flowers myself until the afternoon I had the flu, plus I asked Jen to deliver anything she thought that I would like. yesterday when I was tied up admiring some orchids in her shop when I heard her assistant tell Jen that her electric heat pump was having concerns once again. Being an air conditioner professional dealing with commercial air conditioners, I asked to see the Heating plus A/C system. When I saw it, I realized it was a ductless heating pump. I did not have my tools, but I had some probable causes of the unit’s concerns. The digital temp control seemed okay, plus so was the AC filter, which appeared new. Seeing that I was on leave, I asked Jen if I could call a fellow cooling expert who is a colleague at the air conditioner dealer to assist them. When Jen agreed, I called the specialist. Before he arrived, I offered them a few pointers on cooling system care plus the great importance of quality AC repair plus maintenance since they admitted to having done it once in the past 2 or 3 years. The florist asked me about the advantages of having a HEPA filter in her house compared to more correct ones. The air conditioner specialist came a little under an hour later plus checked the cooling system setup. The HVAC ductwork was okay, although it needed cleaning to improve the air quality.


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