Resting tonight, instead of playing sports

Instead of playing ball tonight, I’m going to play the drums. My knees have been in pain for a while, from just playing sports too often. I have 55-year-old knees, and they have been through a lot over the years, so I need to be a little more patient with them now. I think most of the damage came from skydiving years ago. I was a swooper, and had a lot of difficult landings. I take a lot of supplements for the pain, and my joints work well, but nothing beats rest. Heating and air conditioning service, and service calls have been my job for the last few years, and I use my knees a lot when I am working. Sometimes, I have to squat down and bend over for hours, so my knees and back can go through a lot of strain when I’m working. I try not to take pain pills when working a lot for the local contractor, because too many pills is a lot of work for the kidneys and liver. I will try to take more natural pain relievers like turmeric, when I have pain, so that my liver and kidneys don’t get overloaded. Soon, I am installing a whole home media air cleaner in an upper-story apartment without an elevator, so that means I am going to have to carry it up all those flights of stairs by myself. This is another reason that I am resting my back and knees more this weekend. I should be fine in a couple of days.

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