Just Took a Nice Little Nap to Recharge my Batteries

There’s nothing quite like coming in from the cold to a warm, cozy house. And on a day like today, when the snow is falling and the temperature outside is below freezing, I’m especially happy to have central heat. I know that people who don’t have central heat often rely on space heaters or fireplaces to keep their homes warm, but there’s something about central heat that just feels more efficient and convenient. Maybe it’s because my furnace is located in the basement, out of sight and out of mind, so I don’t have to worry about it. Or maybe it’s because I don’t have to constantly monitor the temperature in my home and adjust the heat accordingly. Either way, I’m grateful to have central heat on days like today when the temperature outside is well below freezing and there is frost on all of my windows. And if my furnace ever goes out, I know that there are plenty of HVAC reps out there who will be happy to help me get it up and running again. I think it is best to just keep the system maintained well with a good service plan so I don’t have to go without heat ever again in my life. I have a problem with my feet aching when it is cold and I am even thinking about getting some heated floors installed if the price is in my range. I have wool socks but I keep wearing them out and am tired of buying new ones every month or so. I’ll do some research.

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