I'm allergic to a lot more than I thought

I used to think that I might be allergic to grass or something like that because I would always sneeze like crazy during this summer, but this past year I found out that I am more allergic to things than I thought! When I finally broke down and went to the allergy specialist in our town, he did all kinds of testing on me and I found out that I am allergic to a lot of things that actually end up inside of my house! He said that I am allergic to dust, pollen, and other types of materials that come in through the ventilation system into my house.

I did not really know what to think when he first told me that.

I mean, how do you keep things from coming into our house through your ventilation system? It’s not like you can close off your entire HVAC system from the outside. I feel like there’s always going to be dust, dirt, and other things coming in. The allergy doctor was actually really helpful with all of my questions though. He said that the best thing for me to do would be to get a whole home air purification system installed to run at the same time as my heating and cooling system. He said that whole home air purification systems are great for people like me with this type of allergies. When I got home that day, I called up our HVAC company and made an appointment to have them come and give me an estimate on air purification systems. Hopefully this helps with all of my symptoms!


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