I'm proud to be a heat and a/c worker

Being a heating & air conditioning worker, I have gotten some flack for it in the past know it or not.

It is our personal opinion that I assume is really stupid for people to judge me for being a heating & air conditioning worker. Some people see it as a lesser job, they just do not respect it for what it is. But that’s superb for me. I do not need approval from these people because I like what I do. I appreciate being a heating and cooling worker because of the chances it gives me to help other people. If there has a single thing that I’ve always enjoyed doing in our life it’s helping other people, and I hope that as a heating and A/C worker that I can continue to do that! Just Last week I helped a little seasoned lady who was having problems with her Her a/c had not been working for 2 weeks and she had been waiting on all these different heating and cooling companies to come out and repair it for whatever reason it’s like no a single would come out and repair her ac. I heard about her complication and came and fixed it on our off time. Sure I didn’t get paid for it, however it helped somebody and it made her thrilled and that’s why I appreciate doing what I do. To be able to continue doing what I appreciate for a long time, in fact if everything goes to idea then I will continue being a heating & air conditioning worker until the day comes for me to retire. However, I am hoping that I do not retire for a long time, and even if I do retire I might still repair the heating and a/c units in our spare time. It’s just something I am really passionate about.
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