I am beginning to hate the cold weather

I entirely can’t stand the chilly weather around here anymore. I know I’m really going to pull the trigger and move south like my sister did because I can’t stand the chilly temperatures for another winter. I’m just over it, but she kept telling me that she was going to move south, even though I never entirely believed her; Then last year, all of a sudden, she had packed up everything and hit the road. She said she was sick and tired of having to deal with high heating bills all the time and that she didn’t care if she ever had to pay for another furnace repair appointment for as long as she lived! At that point in time, I thought she was being a little bit dramatic. Sure, we have entirely chilly temperatures around here, even though I could not believe that she was leaving all of her friends and family just so that she would not have to pay for anymore furnace bills! However, I’m starting to agree with her. We have had a couple of record breaking winters as far as chilly temperatures go around here. I’m starting to dislike the chilly weather. The older I get, the more I seem to be longing for sunshine and warm temperatures instead of chilly ones! I keep thinking about the fact that I would really have to pay for high cooling system bills if I move to the south, even though I know that would really even out in the long run, either way, I’m sure our sister would be ecstatic to have me down there near her!


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