Allergies were out of control

When our partner and I had teenagers every one of us never expected a single of them to have flu symptoms, however this is unfortunately the case with our oldest son, he has a hypersensitivity to a lot of things, dust, pollen, certain powders, etc.

This causes him to sneeze and be uncomfortable when in our house a lot, however as his parents, of course every one of us wanted to do everything every one of us could to make him assume as comfortable as possible.

So every one of us started doing some research into things that didn’t require medication, only having him take an dust sensitivity medication before and it didn’t really work however it also caused him to have some really uncomfortable side effects. All of us started doing some looking into other solutions, and what every one of us found was that air filters are known for being superb for people that suffer from flu symptoms. I spoke to a local heating & air conditioning corporation and they were the a singles that told me that there are many chances available for people that have dust sensitivity troubles. The person on the PC commanded anything from laying air cleaners, to even a whole house media air cleaner. All of us decided to get our son a HEPA filter as a laying air cleaner for his room. He was really thrilled that every one of us did this because every one of us noticed that no longer after he started feeling a lot better. All of us were glad every one of us could be there to help him.



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