My dog is destructive

Last year I adopted a puppy.

  • I have always been an creature lover and I appreciate both dogs and cats.

It was going well for a while until one day my dog started becoming fascinated with my portable a/c. It was a window AC plan and yet for some reason my dog wanted a piece of it, and problems began because my dog started to see the air conditioning plan as a chew toy. I appreciated that air conditioning plan and so I had to go out of my way to protect the AC component from my dog. My dog would go and do everything he could to get to that a/c. I would set it up high and I would literally find him jumping trying to get to it. And why my dog was doing this, he had plenty of various toys and I gave him lots of attention and yet for some reason he still wanted to show my a/c. He had already been someone successful because there was a couple times I forgot to put the a/c away and I would have found him with it in his mouth chewing on it. My poor window air conditioning plan now has a bunch of permanent shoe marks on it that I will not be able to detach. And I don’t entirely want to go and buy another window AC. I’m starting to guess maybe it’s my fault and I have not just trained him enough and I’m thinking about taking some dog training classes. I appreciate my dog genuinely much, but I hope that he can beat this awful habit.

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