This week is the day I retire

Yesterday I retired, and thinking about retirement is bittersweet for me.

  • In a single way I’m actually gleeful to retire because I have been working my whole life, and although I care about my job working as a Heating and Air conditioning specialist, I am ready to lay back and like the rest of my golden years.

However, on the other hand I think all the people that actually need Heating and cooling repairs and because I genuinely like what I do I do not mind continuing to repair their Heating in the cooling systems. You think I’ve already retired, I’m debating on whether or not I want to go and continue fixing heating and AC units in my spare time. I think this would be the best of both worlds for myself and others because I wouldn’t be tied to a job schedule, but could still continue doing what I care about and that would include helping other people with their heating and cooling systems. The best area of it is that I would still have lots of free time and I can do whatever I wanted with every time. That’s the beauty of being retired. I made up my mind and decided that I was going to start fixing Air conditioning and Heating units in my free time. I just had a space oil furnace that was dropped off to myself and others this week and it has an issue with it that I need to take a look at. I’m not actually sure what is causing it, not the heat, but I’m sure I’ll find out as soon as I open it. My goal is to have it fixed in return to its owner by tomorrow.


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