The air conditioner was overworked

The a/c in my condo has been overworked.

My partner and I have not lived in this condo for certainly long but all of us have noticed that not long after being first moved in here that the air conditioner plan had been having some concerns.

All of us did not think why it had been having concerns because the previous owners had told us that they had a local heating and cooling supplier come out and expected and that they hadn’t found anything wrong with the heating and air conditioner plan however every time all of us would turn on the heating and cooling system, the air conditioner plan in unique would make loud noises. These noises made it hard for us to sleep at night and all of us realized that something was wrong with her air conditioner plan so all of us decided to have it checked out anyway. All of us contacted the heating and air conditioner contractor and had them come out and take a look at the AC. What they found was that the air conditioner plan was a work but it wasn’t overworked from the previous owners. Basically the previous owners have the cooling system, which was already outdated as it was running 24/7 Non-Stop. They also would for some reason set the temperature in their condo to be freezing cold, I think they just had a thing for cold un-even temperatures. Because of this our air conditioner plan had gone through a lot of strain and it was still straining even now to just do basic functions. The heating and cooling specialist recommended to us that all of us have the air conditioner plan replaced soon because it certainly wouldn’t last much longer without a lot of repairs.

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