I want to be an HVAC worker just like my dad

I have always wanted to be a heating and cooling worker just like my father. I’ve always been really proud of the kind of work my dad does, in fact I would say that the work that he does is more important than a lot of other professions. The reason is because people rely on Heating and cooling to get them through the seasons. Can you imagine going in a summer without any kind of air conditioning or a winter without any kind of cooling? This is why I think what my dad does is even cooler than being a doctor or a lawyer. Dad is amazing, he goes around to different people’s houses and repair so Heating and cooling systems. Without what he did these people would be stuck exposed to the elements and would not be able to enjoy any kind of heating or cooling. I’ve always enjoyed watching my dad, and he will sometimes even take me on his runs when he goes and does his HVAC work. Seeing him doing these things has inspired me to want to become a heating and cooling worker myself. So I’ve been studying really hard in school so that I can get good grades, so that I can get into the college so that I can hopefully go to college and get my HVAC certification. Once I get my HVAC certification I should be able to start working at a heating and cooling business. My dad tells me that he didn’t really, and he is doing his best to teach me that way I have a head start. If he is successful and if I complete my goal of becoming an HVAC worker then I’ll be the third generation of heating and cooling workers.

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