I love the space heater

Absolutely love my space heater.

It is perfect for everything that I need.

I couldn’t ask for more than to have the perfect space heater that I already have. I know a lot of people have some really fancy heating systems so I don’t need anything fancy like that because my space heater is everything that I could want. I use my space heater for everything when it comes to the cold, but I do not live in a very cold climate in the winter. It can be pretty mild and so I do not need something big like a large furnace to keep me warm during the cold winter months. I used to live in a much colder state but then I decided to move out of state because I was tired of it being so cool all the time. But when I was living there it wasn’t uncommon for the temperature to drop a little below freezing. I was constantly having to have my furnace maintained if I wanted to stay warm. The HVAC business is in the area we’re always so busy in the fall because everybody was having their heaters tuned up before the winter because nobody wanted to be without heat during the cold. They got cold enough for it could be dangerous if you didn’t have heat. I was tired of living that way though so I moved further south and I love the winter here. We still get some cold Winters here but it’s nothing like when I was living in the North. The cost of maintaining and caring for your heating and air conditioning system there’s a lot cheaper too. I guess you could say the rules are switched because now I had to use my air conditioning system far more than my heating system.



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