The fan was just as good as the a/c

Why people have an issue with fans is beyond me.

In my experience fans have always worked far better than heating and air conditioning systems.

What I use for my house to keep myself warm in the winter and cool in the summer is a combination of several box fans that I put in the windows, a window air conditioning system, and for those cool wintery nights I use a space heater. If I’m looking for something really traditional I might use my fireplace. The point is, I do not need to use any sort of modern central heating and cooling system in order to feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is something I guess a lot, for some reason all my friends and family do not understand that I have no desire to use moderating HVAC services. Heating and cooling is amazing technology, but it can also be costly. Especially if you were constantly keeping up with all the repairs and expenses, and so for me I decided to go and pay less by going an alternative route. This alternative route has worked great for me. Sure, a space heater can only heat one room, but I consider myself to be more of a minimalist. I don’t have a lot of possessions anyways. For me the space heater is perfect because I can sit in that one room and be warm the entire time I’m in there, and if I happen to need to move I can take it with me. The fans work excellently in the summer to cool me down.

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