The car heater died

Last month I went on a road trip in the middle of the winter. Looking back, it wasn’t such a great idea and I should have gone until spring. But I have always been an outdoors person and I was really wanting to go and do some midwinter hiking in the woods. I absolutely love the snow, the middle of the way it sparkles and sits on the trees and branches of the forest and on the buildings of the houses. I have also always had a passion for photography and so I decided that this would be a perfect opportunity for me to go out into the woods and do a midwinter hike and take some pictures of the snow covered Forest. I live in the city and so many wooded areas are a bit far away from me, I’m being nice to myself and my plans would not go as I had planned them. I got into my car and it started to drive there and halfway through the drive my heater died. The only source of heat I have in my car was my heater and my car heater just died. I was so frustrated because it started to quickly become very cold inside the car. I did my best to avoid opening the door as much as possible because I didn’t want to let out any leftover warm air. There was no way I could continue in this cold. It’s dangerous if you stay out in this cold environment for too long and so I had no choice but to turn around and find a repair shop to have my heater fixed and replan my hike to the woods.

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